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Germany x Yandere! Reader: Toy Soldiers PART 3 :iconbubblearmin:bubbleArmin 3 1
Germany x Yandere! Reader: Toy Soldiers PART 2
【After classes】
Now to Ludwig!!
Kiku and Feli walked on both sides of Ludwig as they made their way to their dorm room.
"Rudwig-san may I talk to you about something?" Kiku asked his friend.
"Hm? Uh sure Kiku, go ahead." He looked down at his short friend, then turned his gaze back to walking forward. The dorm's hallways were empty and quiet, signaling that all the guys were in their shared rooms.
"Feli has told me that you seem to be infatuated with (f/n)." Kiku said, which caused Ludwig to stop walking and shoot a glare to Feli. Who was carelessly skipping and softly singing a song in Italian.
"Feliciano! I told you not to tell anyone." Ludwig scolded.
Feli let out a shriek and sprinted down the hallway.
"Great now he's probably going to go and make pasta." Ludwig rubbed his temples and turned around to face Kiku. "Kiku, yes. It's true." He didn't want to play the 'what? I don't know what you're talking about' game, since it wouldn't really help him in this situation.
:iconbubblearmin:bubbleArmin 5 0
Germany x Yandere! Reader: Toy Soldiers (Part one)
Okay, so since this was really FREAKING long fic, I had to split it up into MANY parts. The word count (so far) for the original that is still clumped together has over 11,000 words
{I'm still writing it at the moment, I also have many other one shots in progress so uploading may take a while}
So here is
Ludwig and (f/n), were the best buds. He would help mentor her in training and such. Both of them, at the playground, would spend recess climbing around on the monkey bars and playing tag. While their two other friends, Kiku, sat and read manga or watched, Feli, who would sleep or watch too. They both would also participate in tag, well maybe not Kiku because that requires physical contact.
Outside of school, (f/n) would go over to Ludwigs and they would both be productive. Doing activities such as, running, swinging on the swings in the
:iconbubblearmin:bubbleArmin 6 4
Hetalia~ England by bubbleArmin Hetalia~ England :iconbubblearmin:bubbleArmin 1 0 Hetalia~ Canada/Matthew Williams by bubbleArmin Hetalia~ Canada/Matthew Williams :iconbubblearmin:bubbleArmin 1 0 Hetalia~Denmark by bubbleArmin Hetalia~Denmark :iconbubblearmin:bubbleArmin 2 0 Hetalia: Prussia by bubbleArmin Hetalia: Prussia :iconbubblearmin:bubbleArmin 4 0 Studying math with Armin {Shingeki no Kyojin} by bubbleArmin Studying math with Armin {Shingeki no Kyojin} :iconbubblearmin:bubbleArmin 1 0


Oneshot Gift: ShizuoxReader: Sweet Birthday Gift
You were walking quickly through the crowded streets of Ikebukuro after a secret shopping trip, trying to get home as soon as possible.  The fact that it was freezing outside was not the only reason for your fast pace.  You really didn't want to run into-
"Yo, _________."  
You jumped at the familiar voice, almost dropping the bags in your hands.  How you hadn't noticed the tall blonde approaching you beforehand, you had no idea.
You nervously turned around.  "H-Heeeeey, Shizuo!"  You stuttered. 'Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh.  Please don't ask about the-'
"What's with all the bags?"  He asked, looking down at your full hands.
"I-It's stuff.  Just stuff.  Everyday stuff, not special stuff or anything."  You giggled nervously.
He raised an eyebrow.  "Oh?  Do you need help carryin-"
"No!"  You almost shouted.  "I-I mean, no. Thank
:icongelric731:GElric731 193 50
Izaya x Reader Chapter 48
You blink rapidly before opening your mouth in shock at Shizuo’s words. “We’re moving? To America? Why? What’s wrong with staying in Ikebukuro? I like it here, I don’t want to move! We don’t need to move, we don’t-,” you’re silenced when Izaya places a hand on your shoulder.
“I expected this reaction from you [name]. Believe me, I don’t want to move either but Shizu-chan and I talked it over for a while and we both agree this is for the best.” Your shoulders drop in sadness and you look down at your hands.
“But America? That’s on the other side of the world. Why do we have to be so far away? From my friends, all the places we love, why do we have to leave it all?” Shizuo sighs and runs a hand through his blonde hair, closing his eyes.
“It’s not an easy decision trust me. But Izaya brought up some good points about moving and, as weird as it is to say, I agree with him. We’ve had
:iconfirelightphoenix:FireLightPhoenix 327 464
Temptations ~ 2P!Canada x Reader ~ *REQUEST*
2P!Canada x Reader
                |––– Begin. –––|
            He has always been a grumpy asocial.
             It was hardwired into his DNA, and he knew it too. Matt Williams didn’t mind at all in
fact, he liked to steer away from the crowd. Less drama, less tears.
            Not that he would shed any, anyway.
             Matt would just stroll through life, never giving a damn about others, only his family, and friends (if you could call them that) at rare times.
             Then you waltzed into his life, a confident smile adorning your face, bright [e/c] eyes that made him melt, and a personality that could outshine any other.
              You were like the sun perhaps, tempting to tou
:iconi-am-fandom-trash:I-Am-Fandom-Trash 315 45
Angry Love - Natsu Dragneel x Reader
"I'm back!!" Natsu yelled, kicking the doors of the guild open. Everyone turned to him, giving him smiles and congratulations. He walked over to a table where his friends Erza, Gray, Wendy, Carla, and Lucy were sitting. "Welcome back, Natsu. You're just in time." Erza smiled, taking a bite of her cake. "I am? For what?" He asked, seeing as though Lucy, Wendy, and Carla looked confused, also. "(Name)'s coming back today." Erza said, her mouth full of her favorite strawberry cake. Natsu's face brightened, and he hopped out of his seat, fists flaming. "She is?! I can't wait to fight her!" He yelled, smiling.  "(Name)? Who's that?" Lucy, Wendy, and Carla asked, Lucy glaring up at Happy, who was sitting on her head, eating a fish.
"She's an S rated Wizard. She went on a Hundred Year Quest when she was just eight." Erza explained. "Yeah! She's been here longer than any of us, she was the first person in all of Fairy Tail history to reach the S class rank at only the age of seven! She's
:icondemoticdreams:demoticdreams 325 78
The Little Merman: America x Reader Chapter 15

The Little Merman: Chapter 15
What upset Matthew more than those words was Alfred’s face. He was far too gone in whatever the man had to say to him and was blindly trusting him. Matthew knew after what happened in this grotto that the prince was a broken man. Whatever the jellyfish was planning it couldn’t be good and it was up to him to find out what his intentions were. Matthew followed the two out of the grotto careful to not be seen.
“Alfred I would like you to meet my two friends. Lukas and Vladimir.” Oliver spoke.
“We’re more like assistants.” Lukas chimed in.
Alfred looked around the cave Oliver had led him in. He had to squint his eyes at the bright blues and pinks that shone throughout the cave.
“Don’t worry.” Vladimir said putting a hand on the merprince’s shoulder. “You get used to it.”
“So how does this work?&
:iconaphpotato:aphpotato 22 7
Mature content
Lion's Den (Jean x Reader) :iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 315 51
~Say You Love Me~ Russia x Reader

Say You Love Me~

Russia x Reader

     ___ sat on her bed, flicking through a book she enjoyed reading. She was comfortable, in just a t-shirt and her underwear, not expecting to do anything else for the day (as it is late; almost midnight). Although, it was strangely wrong for a Friday evening, ___ could have sworn she had something planned, but it never crossed her mind.
     She yawned, stretched her back against the mattress, getting tired now. ___ closed her eyes, as if to fall asleep (in all honesty, she probably wouldn't sleep for another hour or so). Especially because her phone just started to ring, despite the time of day.
     "Hello?' she called into the phone, 'Do you know what time it is, Ivan?!"
     The was a sigh on the other side, "Not Mr. Ivan, Miss ___,' a voice replied, 'Mr. Ivan is coming over to your house. You forgot
:iconepicjaxx:EpicJaxx 286 61
::Denmark x Asexual!Reader:: It's Hard To Explain
:: Denmark x Asexual! Reader:: It's Hard to Explain
   Today had been a good day. You and your new boyfriend of four weeks now, were hanging out at his house. Mathias was pretty amazing.
   You had a crush on him for the longest of time and he actually ended up liking you back! Mathias was so sweet and funny, and could always make you smile when you were upset.
   He had spiky blonde hair that he swore was natural, and beautiful blue eyes. Mathias' Danish accent was to die for and he was so charismatic! It was kind of hard to believe such an amazing person could feel romantic feelings toward you.
   You were just plain old (Name). With (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes, you felt a little bland compared to your boyfriend sometimes.
   That's so cool to say though! Mathias Køhler is your boyfriend! But there's a problem.
   You've heard from the 'grapevine' that Mathias was a real ladies man in the day. Its not that you were jealou
:icontielordkitty:Tielordkitty 43 29
7 Minutes In Heaven TurkeyxReader
TurkeyxReader  Seven Minutes In Heaven                    
Now, I thought I should warn you, this isnt going to be your typical Seven Minutes In Heaven story. I find that nobody ever includes a back story to build up the relationship with the characters. So I hope I at least did so. I also noticed no one has done one on Turkey! (Well as far as I checked..) So I decided to do it :P Enjoy.
You sat patiently waiting for whatever game to begin. Somehow you had gotten roped into this by Alfred. You have felt bad if you hadnt joined the game. Alfred had learned it a thing or two of persuasion from Arthur. Finally Alfred had rounded up enough people to play. All the guys put an object into a hat. All the girls sat on on
:iconawdarkangel101:awdarkangel101 18 4
Mature content
A New Year's Eve To Remember(Russia x Reader)Lemon :iconsleepy-corinne:Sleepy-Corinne 209 56
Passion - NorwayXShy!Reader
Passion - NorwayXShy!Reader by SnixxY
"(Name) I love you."
"Ugh.. you can't just say it so bluntly!"
"You need to be more passionate!"
"You need to hold her waist, look her in the eye and tell her she is the most beautiful thing in the world!"
"Tell her you can't live without her!"
"Then kiss her passionately!"
"Then lift her bridal style and take her to your room an-", the Dane was interrupted by the doorbell ringing.
"There she comes and remember - 'be passionate'", Matthias lifted his hand dramatically, mouthing the last words and dashed to the kitchen where the rest of the nordics were. Once they saw him, they all gathered up on the small door and tried to take a peek at what was happening in the other room.
The Dane had been helping the Norwegian man for the past couple of hours rehearse his confession for his undying love for you.. and had been failing miserably. It was almost as if the Dane was talking to a wall. No ma
:iconsnixxy:SnixxY 578 92
R.I.P Satoru Iwata by 3rdclover R.I.P Satoru Iwata :icon3rdclover:3rdclover 541 37 Very excercise, very E3 by jnkboy Very excercise, very E3 :iconjnkboy:jnkboy 350 32 Thank You Mr Iwata by TamarinFrog Thank You Mr Iwata :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 2,522 0
Mature content
Sweden X Reader ~ A Sky Full of Stars [lemon] :iconamaranthbreakdown:AmaranthBreakdown 336 103
LovinoxReader The Secret Letter
“Bloody hell love, I told you not to call me that,” said Britain responded in irritation, though a smile resisted his attempt to be angry as he turned to face the (h/c) haired girl calling to him.
“Aw, but Artie,” you whined trying to pout, only to fail as a giggle escaped your lips and a happy smile graced your face. You couldn’t help but tease him, it was too much fun. Plus, there were very few people you could get away with teasing, and you took any chance given to do so. It was the only time you were able to turn the tables and poke fun at someone else instead of being at the receiving end of the joke.
Due to being easily defensive and emotional, it took very little to set you off and throw you into a bad mood or annoy you, which meant your friends took every chance possible to do just that, saying that watching you get worked up was priceless. You on the other hand, did not enjoy their incessant teasing. It doesn’t ta
:iconaplbunny:aplbunny 441 129


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